of clean energy

Harvesting the Illinois Sunshine

ACCIONA's first solar PV project in Illinois

ACCIONA is excited to be expanding its investment in Stephenson County. The High Point Solar Farm will be located within the EcoGrove Wind Farm, which the company has owned and operated for more than a decade.  When complete the project will add 100 MW of clean energy capacity to the Illinois grid.


The project will employ more than 250 people during peak construction.  ACCIONA’s team is committed to using local businesses and services providers when possible during construction and operation.

Local Benefits of Solar Energy

  • A boost in tax revenue without an increased demand on local services like police and schools
  • Local job creation and support of local businesses
  • Local partnership opportunities. Each ACCIONA project includes a social impact management program dedicated to advancing education, wellness or environmental stewardship


  • Location: Stephenson County, Illinois
  • Capacity: 100 MW PV
  • Technology: Solar panels affixed to solar trackers
  • Timeline:
    • Construction: 2021-2023
    • Begin Operations: 2023
  • Owners: ACCIONA



  • ACCIONA’s second renewable energy project in Illinois
  • Key project in a portfolio of solar farms being developed by ACCIONA to deliver more than a gigawatt of new solar by the end of 2023
  • Site will feature solar panels, affixed to solar trackers that maximize production throughout the day.
  • Site will be located near the EcoGrove Wind Farm

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